The Classic Pastes are semi-finished products for high quality Italian gelato making. They are added to the base mixture before the creaming, in order to obtain the flavor and consistency desired for the gelato. There is a vast array of classic pastes, in order to satisfy the needs of all the gelato makers. Year after year, we keep on refining these recipes and adds new flavors to anticipate the consumers’ trends.

Gusti disponibili:

Amaretto Paste

Peanuts Paste

Caramel Paste

White Chocolate Paste

Cocoa Paste

Coconut Paste

Frolly Paste

Gianduia paste

Bubble Gum Pink Paste

Bubble Gum Blue Paste

Kiss Paste With Hazelnut

Malaga Paste

Green Mint Paste

Panna Cotta Paste

Raffi & Coconut Paste

Tiramisù Paste

Zabaione Paste

Zuppa Inglese Paste

All pastes are sold in two 3kg buckets and are ready for ice cream and pastry use.

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