Variegations are refinements obtained from selected high quality raw materials. They are ideal to variegate and decorate the gelato, both inside and on its surface, making the pan more inviting and allowing to create every time new flavors and recipes. Our variegations can be used as they are, and they are also ideal for filling cakes or semifreddi since they don’t freeze.

Variegati and decorations for:






Variegati flavours:

Amarena Variegato

Candied Amarena Variegato

Berries Variegato

Raspberry Variegato

Blueberry Variegato

Wild Strawberries Variegato

Peach And Orange Variegato

Salty Caramel Variegato

Milk Caramel Variegato

Ciokko Peanuts Variegato

Frolly Variegato

Chokita Variegato

Chokita Dark Variegato

White Chokita Variegato

Cremino Chokita Variegato

Crunchy Rock Variegato

Tiramisù Variegato

All variegati are sold in two 3kg buckets and are ready for ice cream and pastry use.

Decorations and spreadables

Spreadable cream flavours:

hazelnut 35%

Hazelnut And Cocoa



White Chocolate

All spreadable creams are sold in six 240g jars and ready for ice cream and pastry use.

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